Welcoming Winter

It was nice while it lasted.

After an uncharacteristically mild December, we finally got hit with with a classic Canadian storm. Snow, wind, ice.

The first four weeks of my training have been fantastic. Not only do I feel great physically and mentally, but the weather has been very accommodating. Running in shorts with no toque in December is a real treat. But, as they say, all good things must come to an end.

This is what I woke up to this morning. 

Earlier this week, I went out for a 17km run in shorts. Yesterday, my 10km recovery run required 3 layers on top, tights and gloves. 

Now it looks like I’m in for the long haul. The next few months will be long, cold, and dark.

Winter training isn’t all that bad. I’ve seen it all, so I’m sort of broken in. Everything from blizzards to frozen eyelashes to -40 Celsius.

I know that sounds horrible, but hear me out. 

I have this mantra about winter training. “Don’t let winter win.” I say this to myself all the time. If you let it win, then you are screwed. Don’t be scared of the cold. Get the right gear, bundle up, and giver. Nobody ever said that marathon training was easy. It’s not. Neither is training in the winter. But it will make you stronger. It adds character. It builds strength, physically and mentally. Trust me. The sense of accomplishment you get out of a 25 km run in a blizzard is far greater than a 25 km run on a 12 degree spring day. 

People tell me I’m crazy. Why? I’m bundled up in multiple layers, running and staying warm. You’re standing still in the snow at a bus stop with no toque on. I think you’re  the crazy one.

Winter is here and something tells me that it is here to stay. So grab your shoes, bundle up, and get out there. Winter is an amazing, beautiful season. Enjoy it! And remember: Don’t let winter win.  

111 Days Until Race Day.