Hey. I'm Jason. I'm just a regular guy who loves running.


I'm a marketing guy, dog lover, craft beer enthusiast, and mountain explorer.

Oh, and I love running. Marathons. Yup, I'm one of those crazies. Black toenails. Blizzard training runs. All that good stuff.

I’m recently ran the 2019 Boston Marathon and am searching for my next challenge.

You can follow my journey here. 





The story of my 2:52:45 Boston Marathon, a race in which I conquered the heat and hills to run a breakthrough race, grabbing hold of what I’d left behind on Boylston Street in 2016.

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The Chicago Collapse

What happens when you push your body beyond its own limits? The story of my gruelling and stubborn chase for a new PB in the sun and the ensuing physical, mental and emotional torment.

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